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Energy Partners sparks joy for animal shelter

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28 November 2017: Having recently completed a solar energy generation system at the Panorama Veterinary Clinic & Specialist Centre to substantially reduce electricity bills, Energy Partners Home Solutions has also been working to do its part for the animals under the clinic’s care.

Cala van der Westhuizen, Head of Marketing and Sales at Energy Partners Home Solutions, a division of Energy Partners and part of the PSG group of companies, says that the company has now focused its efforts towards driving food and cash donations for the Lucky Lucy Foundation.

Van der Westhuizen explains that the Lucky Lucy Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO) that works tirelessly to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused animals.

“Our client, Panorama Veterinary Clinic, not only provides top tier service to their patients, but also to the animals of the Lucky Lucy Foundation. Seeing our client’s passion for this cause has also inspired us to make a difference in the lives of these animals. As a result, Energy Partners Home Solutions has decided to partner with Panorama to make sure that even more is done to ensure their welfare.”

He adds that Energy Partners Home Solutions started by putting together a campaign, hosted by Bok Radio, to raise money for much needed medical supplies for the animals of Lucky Lucy Foundation.

In addition, Energy Partners and Panorama have been running a social media campaign during October to drive food donations for the shelter. “Our campaign, which ran until the end of October, invited social media users to guess the amount of money the Panorama Veterinary Clinic will save on their electricity bill in the month of October as a result of their newly installed solar photovoltaic system. Congratulations to Elsie Malan, whose guess was the closest to the correct amount of R4506. Instead of taking her cash prize, Malan decided to donate the amount to the Lucky Lucy Foundation. This inspired everyone at Energy Partners so much that we decided to match her donation,” van der Westhuizen says.

“We handed over the R 9 012 and 2x 12 kg canine adult medium hills food to Lucky Lucy at Panorama Veterinary Clinic on Friday 24 November. We want to encourage everyone to join us in helping to make the lives of Lucky Lucy’s animals better,” Van der Westhuizen concludes.

About Energy Partners Home Solutions

Energy Partners Home Solutions (EPHS) offer clients holistic and innovative home energy solution guaranteed to realise significant savings on a household’s energy bills. In 2016, the organisation launched its ground breaking new product, the ICON Home Energy Hub. The first solar inverter and battery combination developed specifically for the South African residential market.

The ICON forms part of a full home energy solution, including Solar PV, Batteries, Heat Pumps and LED lights. By combining these technologies, Energy Partners (EPHS) is able to provide significantly better savings and financial returns than other solutions: a family sized home could save up to 70% of their electricity bill and earn more than 16% return on their investment – twice what a standard PV-only solution would provide. For more information visit:

About Energy Partners

Founded in 2008, Energy Partners is a leading energy solutions provider in South Africa that provides clients with innovative solutions (including fully outsourced supply contracts – e.g. steam generation) to suit their needs. Energy Partners has built a high quality team of talented individuals and robust processes which offer end-to-end solutions and integrate the different components of energy optimisation to deliver optimum results – including capital solutions that put clients in a positive cash flow positions from day one. Industries in which Energy Partners specialise include: food retail, retail, healthcare, hospitality, food processing and logistics. For more information visit

About PSG

PSG Group is an investment holding company consisting of underlying investments that operate across industries which include financial services, banking, private equity, agriculture and education. PSG Group has a market capitalisation in excess of R40bn, with our largest investment being a 30,7% interest in Capitec.

Additional group companies include Energy Partners, Impak, Curro and Capitec.

These Celebrities Are Using An Ancient Source Of Energy

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Many of us look to the stars to inspire us when it comes to living our best lives. Some celebrities are all about the flash and start fads that rarely last longer than a season. Others are set on making a lasting difference in the world, and use their influence to inspire us to do the same. Well-known personalities such as tech-trailblazer Elon Musk have been very outspoken about how technology can help us to protect the future. In Hollywood, celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio have also been making headlines with how they are saving the planet.


Solar energy is one of the ways in which these pro-earth stars are minimising their carbon footprint. It is clean, renewable energy that is produced by the sun. Through solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, households and businesses can use it to power themselves independently from the government-owned electricity grid. Solar energy will be here for as long as the sun is shining, and most of us can generate our own at home.


As an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels, solar energy can help us to conserve the planet and save money. In fact, as part of an efficient, integrated home energy system, solar energy solutions could help cut a household’s monthly electricity bill by as much as 70%.


International solar stars


To inspire you, here are a few stars that are utilising the sun to power their households:

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp

Hollywood icon Johnny Depp.

The world’s favourite on-screen pirate owns an island in real life that is fully powered by a solar-hydrogen energy system. This planet-friendly, self-sufficient piece of paradise is situated in the Bahamas and utilises an energy solution designed by renewable energy trailblazer, Mike Strizki.

Johnny Depp’s Island

Johnny Depp’s private, solar-powered island in the Bahamas. Image:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Oscar-winning actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio is very vocal about the reality of climate change, even speaking out against it in his 2016 Oscars acceptance speech. In that same year, he co-produced a documentary in which he explores the devastating effects of climate change and looks at possible solutions. (The full documentary can be viewed for free here.) He regards renewable energy as a way to help heal the planet. Not only does his home sport solar PV panels, but he used the sun’s energy to power the set of his 2010 movie, Inception. DiCaprio has also produced a documentary called Catching the Sun, which unpacks the economic and environmental benefits of going solar.


DiCaprio’s House

DiCaprio’s planet-friendly home in Los Angeles. Image:


Edward Norton

Edward Norton

Environmental activist and actor Edward Norton.

The Fight Club actor is an environmental champion. He not only uses solar power to keep the lights on in his own home, but it was his bright idea to help low-income families do the same through the BP Solar Neighbors programme. The programme donates a home solar solution to a low-income family for every celebrity purchase.










Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Leading lady Julia Roberts.

The Pretty Woman star is more than a pretty face. Her environmental consciousness is inspiring and her eco-friendly home something to aspire to: It is not only powered by the sun, but built with wood sourced from sustainably managed forests and the bathrooms are fitted with recycled tiles.



Julia Robert’s mansion

Julia Robert’s solar-powered Malibu mansion makes the most of the area’s abundant sunshine. Image:


Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan

James Bond star Pierce Brosnan.

Famous for his role as 007, Pierce Brosnan is an agent for environmental change. His efforts have been recognised by America’s National Environmental Hall of Fame, which honours top environmentalists. He produces his own clean power at home through solar PV and even has an energy-savvy toaster that is powered by an exercise bike.










Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett

Solar supporter and actress Cate Blanchett.

Cate Blanchett is a staunch solar supporter both at home and at work. As Co-Artistic Director of the Sydney Theatre Company, she supported the installation of over

1 900 solar panels on the theatre’s roof in 2010. At the time, it was Australia’s second-largest solar power system.



Sydney Theatre Company

Solar advocate Cate Blanchett supported the installation of 1 900 solar panels on the roof of the Sydney Theatre Company.

Leading the way locally


Wimpie van der Sandt

Van der Sandt

Bok Radio’s Wimpie van der Sandt. Image source:

In February 2017, Bokradio’s breakfast show presenter, Wimpie van der Sandt, made his home in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs more energy-efficient. He installed an integrated home energy system from Energy Partners Home Solutions, which has helped him to save close to R20 000 on electricity to date. His home energy solution comprises efficient water heating, solar PV and Energy Partners Home Solutions’ state-of-the-art Icon™ battery/inverter combo.










Become a solar superstar

You, too, can go green and save on electricity in your household: Thanks to ever-improving technology, it is now more affordable and simpler than ever before to power yourself with the sun.

To find out more about Energy Partners Home Solutions’ modular energy solutions that suit your budget and lifestyle, contact us today for a free, no-obligation home energy assessment. Visit or call 0861 000 606.

Wimpie from Bok Radio saves with EPHS

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All across South Africa people rely on electricity every day – from making a morning cup of coffee, to cooking dinner. Therefore, when it comes to the rising cost of electricity year-on-year, the whole country is feeling the heat.

Exorbitant electricity tariffs are especially true for Western Cape Northern Suburbs residents.


As part of the City of Cape Town, these residents are paying one of the highest electricity tariffs in the country. When Energy Partners Home Solutions heard Bok Radio DJ, Wimpie van der Sandt, complaining about his hefty electricity bills, we stepped in to help.

Bok Radio Wimpie & Le-Lue

During the month of February 2017, we proved to Wimpie that an affordable, efficient, home energy solution could save him up to 70% on his electricity bill.

First, we sent one of our energy experts to Wimpie’s home to give him a free energy assessment. Everyone’s home and electricity needs are different – making each installation a custom exercise. That is why it was necessary to determine exactly what Wimpie’s requirements were, and pinpoint where the bulk of his electricity usage was coming from.

Basically, anything that warms up when you switch it on, is wasting energy.


In regular households with more than two members, the geyser is almost always the main culprit. It will account for more than 50% of the electricity use. This was no exception at Wimpie’s home.

The first thing we did was to replace Wimpie’s electric geyser with an energy-efficient water-heating system – comprising of a heat pump and an integrated water tank.


Heat Pump

We have run various trials, and if you take an annual look at efficient water heating, heat pumps make the most sense in the Western Cape if you have the capital available.

Lights are also heavy electricity users. Replacing yours with energy-efficient LEDs is another simple, affordable way to save on your monthly electricity bill. An energy-efficient LED light bulb will cost you less than R100, but could save you ten times that in the long run.

Energy Partners Home Solutions also installed solar PV and our state-of-the-art Icon™ home energy system.

ICON Energy System

Solar PV puts the sun to work and enables Wimpie to generate his own electricity, while the Icon™ inverter and battery combo stores energy for use at night, and on cloudy days.


Solar PV Panels

We checked in with Wimpie a month after the installation.

After checking his monitoring app installed on his phone, he was able to confirm that he had already saved R1 600 in the short month of February.


Depending on the size of your home and your energy requirements, you don’t need a large, expensive solution to enjoy big electricity savings. You can start small, and add different components as you start saving on your bills. Your solar energy investment will also increasing the value of your property.

To save on your electricity bill like Wimpie, get in touch for a free home energy assessment.

Want to win a cash prize as big as Wimpie’s electricity saving in March 2017?

Stay tuned to Bok Radio and guess how much energy Wimpie is going to save during the month of March 2017. SMS your answer, name and email address to 45989. The first person with the closest correct guess, will walk away with the same amount of cash Wimpie ends up saving on electricity in March. Entries close 31 March 2017 (T’s and C’s apply).

Western Cape Drought: The Silver Lining On Cloudless Skies

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Good news despite level 3b water restrictions!

Solar energy users are benefitting from a hot, dry summer.

On 1 February 2017, residents of the Western Cape must adhere to new level 3b water restrictions. The city’s water restrictions are now even tighter and the scorching weather is burning a hole through residents’ pockets.

Despite the Western Cape feeling the heat of stringent water restrictions and rising water tariffs, there’s one group of residents for whom the hot, dry weather is a reason to smile. Home and business owners who are using solar PV systems have been saving big on electricity! This is thanks to a surge in solar production.

Solar production during December 2016 exceeded expectations by as much as 10% in the Western Cape.

This is due to the fact that there were 29 virtually cloud-free days over much of the city. Energy Partners Home Solutions has over 40 solar home energy systems installed in and around Cape Town, all of which produced between 7% and 11% more energy than what was expected for the month of December. Take into account the fact that a well-designed home solar energy solution can cut a household’s electricity bill by as much as 70% on average. It’s clear that the increase in solar production equated to big savings in home and small businesses.

This means that those who’ve been smart enough to invest in solar enjoyed a few extra rands in their pockets this season and that, at least for some, there’s been a silver lining to the mostly cloudless skies.

Testimonial: Stephanie Stellenbosch

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Energy Partners Home Solutions have installed three systems at our home to date!

The first is a battery backup solution that provides our home with power protects our electrical appliances and ensures our security is always on during power outages. 

Stellenbosch Solar Panels House

The second system is a three phase grid-tied system that supplies our entire house with green energy when the sun shines.

Heat pump & solar panels with mountain

The third option is a heat pump system that has reduced our hot water cost with 70%.

In all of their work they have been professional and quick to react to any problem. After our geyser burst they were ready to install a new system within a few days of calling them.

Henri, the sales consultant was really helpful in managing the various installations and always being available for any questions.

Congrats on your earth friendly home Stephanie! Want follow in their footsteps? Get in touch here.