Engineering News – New residential energy solution launched

We spoke to Engineering News in April 2016 after the launch of our Icon Home Energy Hub system for the residential market. Alan Matthews, our managing director, explained how the system fits into the household and how modular deployment benefits homeowners’ pockets. Have a read below:

The full household solution includes a hot-water tank, a heat pump and a remote monitoring platform allowing the user to monitor the status of their system directly through a mobile app. However, the company has opted for a modular deployment approach and is willing, for instance, to install only aspects of the overall offering, depending on a homeowner’s requirements.
The full solution will cost R167 000 before value added tax and is designed primarily for medium-sized households with a monthly electricity bill of above R1 500.

MD Alan Matthews says such households will save up to 70% on their monthly electricity bill and earn a 16% return on their investment over seven years.

The residential offering, he adds, has been developed over the past 18 months to cater for homeowners keen to “take control of their energy” in a context of rising tariffs and supply disruptions. However, it has been has also been sized with due regard to the prevailing lack of certainty about the rules associated with households feeding surplus electricity back into the grid.

“We have opted for a modular approach that enables households to increase their capacity over time should it make sense to do so,” Matthews explains.

To read the full Engineering News article, click here.


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