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Are rising electricity tariffs getting you down? Lighten up your festive season with these 7 energy saving tips.

By this time of the year, most of us have less spring in our step and more slump in our shoulders. Luckily, the December holidays are just around the corner. While you relax and recharge your batteries for the new year, try these 7 tips for saving energy:

  1. Be festive with solar.

Whether you power your whole household with solar PV panels, or simply decorate your home and Christmas tree with solar lights, every bit helps when it comes to saving electricity this festive season.


  1. Do more than just switch off.

Before you lock up your home and hit the road for the holidays, be sure to not only switch off all of your lights and appliances, but also unplug them from the wall sockets. Electronics that are plugged in can “leak” up to 0.05 kWh, even if they are switched off. That is the equivalent of wasting about R0.05 to R0.10 worth of electricity every hour that you are away, which can equate to more than R30 per appliance over a two-week holiday!

  1. Braai for a South African Christmas.

The festive season is a time for sharing good food with family and friends. This year, rather than cooking traditional roasts (which are more suited to cooler climates in any case) consider having a braai on Christmas Day. Not only will the electricity-hungry oven be switched off, but you will be spending less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the company of your favourite people.

If you need inspiration for an electricity-free feast, take a look at this video on how to prepare a Christmas braai.

  1. Go off-grid for a few days.

Consider breaking away to a camping spot or a remote cabin where there is no electricity or cellphone reception. This is a great way to save electricity while you relax and reconnect with your loved ones in the absence of digital distractions. Remember to pack your LED flashlights and solar-powered lanterns!


  1. Give a gift that keeps on saving.

Why not help those close to you save electricity too? Solar jars and candles make good, inexpensive gifts. Also look for energy-efficient or battery-operated alternatives to gifts that require power to work.


  1. Be energy-savvy with your bonus.

Many people use their year-end bonuses to purchase large, pricier household items, such as new electronic appliances. When you go shopping, look out for the latest, energy-efficient models. For example, an Energy Partners Home Solutions heat pump absorbs ambient air and converts it into energy to heat water much more efficiently than a regular electrical geyser. In fact, it will decrease your cost of water heating by as much as 70%! When it comes to cooking, one of the latest energy-savvy innovations is an induction stove, which turns magnetic energy (from the steel pot touching the stove top) into heat energy. Also look out for efficient washing machines and dishwashers that not only use less electricity because they work better and faster, but will also help you to save water.

Remember that if you invest in a new energy-efficient appliance this season, it will pay off well into the new year, when electricity tariffs will be even higher.

  1. Give your fridge and freezer a break.

Fridges and freezers use a lot of electricity. Going on holiday is a good excuse for clearing them out, giving them a summer spring clean and unplugging them for a few days. In the spirit of giving, donate any unwanted food to people in need.

Another great way to ensure your fridge is running more efficiently in 2018 is by checking that the rubber seal around the door is still intact and seals properly. If you plan on living leaner this January and not have a lot of food in your fridge, consider this tip: Cold items keep other items cold, which means that an empty fridge has to work harder to retain its low temperature. So, to increase your fridge’s efficiency even when stocks are low, fill it with a few large bottles of water.


Save energy throughout the year.

An efficient home energy system can help you save up to 70% on your monthly electricity bill. To find out more, call Energy Partners Home Solutions on 0861 000 606 for a free, non-obligatory home energy assessment or visit www.poweryourself.co.za.

Energy Partners, part of the PSG group of companies, has been helping some of South Africa’s most well-known businesses save on their energy costs for over seven years. Energy Partners Home Solutions, a division of Energy Partners, brings the same award-winning solutions to the residential and SME markets by combining state of the art energy e­fficiency technology, solar PV systems and expertise with Energy Partners Home Solutions’ own advanced products. By partnering with Energy Partners, clients can reduce their monthly electricity bills by up to 70%. For more information visit http://www.poweryourself.co.za/ or contact 0861 000 606.



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