Our systems represent an excellent investment – typically returning 15%(ROI) or more on the money spent. However we understand that not every home has the cash on hand to purchase a system immediately.

We have developed a financing option for clients who want to pay their systems off over time. The offer is summarized below. To find out how much your monthly payments would be, arrange a visit from one of our consultants here.

For example, a home PV system (including all components and installation) of R130,000, could be financed as follows:


R 1900 - 2500

Per Month

For homeowners who want to save, but don’t have money available. You buy the system and pay us over time.

Minimum 10% upfront payment*
You own the system
Custom loan repayment plan to fit your budget
In-app monitoring
Add extra components, adjustable loan
Term: 3-6 years
Energy Partners maintenance
Choose time to pay loan off

* The higher the upfront payment, the lower the monthly installments.

Note: All figures shown exclude VAT, but include all charges and fees.