Home Energy System

As part of their home renovation project, the clients wanted to optimise the energy consumption of their Camps Bay home. A full ICONTM system was installed, including solar PV, battery, water heating and efficient lighting.

The overall impact of the project was a 74% saving on their electricity bill within a month (from R3000 to R800). The result was a saving of R2200 of which solar was R1200, the Heat Pump R700 and the rest from LED lights. Expected payback is 5.3 years.

“The hand-over of the overall solution was done extremely professionally, with a step-by-step walkthrough completed and our sometimes painfully detailed questions answered” Mark Allderman

The Challenge

The Allderman family have decided to renovate their home in Camps Bay. As part of the project, they wanted to look at ways to reduce their energy consumption, which was 1500kWh (R3050). Their priorities were:

  • Reduce the amount that they spend on electricity each month
  • Lower their impact on the environment
  • Have some independence from Eskom in case of load shedding in future
  • Add to the value of their home

They were referred to Energy Partners Home Solutions by a friend who was also a Home Solutions client.

An Energy Partners consultant came out to visit the house. He completed a bottom up simulation of the energy consumption to make sure that the right size system was proposed and to give them a reliable saving estimate.

The Project

The specific loads in the home must be considered to ensure that system is right-sized and reliable savings are achieved.

The Energy Partners proposal included a 3 step plan:

  1. Efficiency: replace old geysers and lights with new, energy efficient alternatives to reduce consumption
  2. Generation: Install PV panels and inverter to generate energy
  3. Storage: Add batteries to store additional energy and secure supply
The specific system components installed here were:

Product Description
Efficient Lighting 21 50 W downlighters replaced with 6W LEDs, including dimmers
Efficient water heating 4.8 kW Heat Pump
500l water storage tank
Bluechem anti-corrosion treatment
Hot water circulation Grundfos Smart circulation pump to ensure hot water available throughout the house – minimising water wastage, maximising comfort
Solar PV system 20 x 170 W thin film solar panels- 3.4kwp
Panels selected for all black appearance and low light production quality
Icon Hybrid inverter (3kW backup, 6kW on-grid capacity)
Battery 6kwh Icon Lithium Ion Battery
Monitoring Smart Phone App for remote monitoring through Energy Partners Energy Hub App.
Keeps track of daily and historical savings from PV and Heat pump

The system was installed over the course of 3 days. All components were COC’d by energy partner’s contractor. After a 2 week trial period, the system was handed over to a pleased client.

The Results

The Allderman Electricity bill was reduced by R2200 per month. Overall, return on the investment is expected to be 23%. In addition to this good financial decision, investing in renewable energy will also reduce the family’s carbon footprint. So far the Allderman family is saving up to 57 trees a year (based on CO2 savings)

The figure below shows how our solution can reduce the Allderman’s House consumption on a typical summer’s day


We are ecstatic with our energy solution, and are hoping it provides us with years of trouble free service.

Mark Allerman