The smart inverter that manages your Solar Panels, Heat Pump and Batteries

Welcome to energy independence

Power yourself.

The Icon is the first battery/inverter combination created for the South African residential market. It forms the heart of our Home Energy System, which combines cutting edge energy efficiency, solar PV and energy storage technology to minimize energy use. The system is designed to give home owners a great return on investment, while reducing carbon emissions and enhancing the value of their homes.

State of the art

The inverter is a fully functional 3 kW hybrid inverter, together with our proprietary system controller. This inverter integrates power from the solar PV panels, power from the grid and power to and from the battery to ensure you maximise the energy coming from our system.

Our paired Icon batteries utilize cutting edge Lithium Iron Phosphate cells and can provide daily charging and discharging for up to ten years. They are available in 3.6 kWh and 6kWh capacity.

Simple yet smart

No complicated screens or readouts. 2 simple LED strips on the front of the enclosures tell you everything you need to know about the system status. The inverter unit indicates whether the solar panels are supplying power. The battery display shows the level of power in the battery and whether it is charging or not. No unnecessary details.

See your savings

Track your system on your phone, wherever you are.

The ICON hub communicates directly to our simple mobile app through the GSM network, enabling you to monitor your system on your phone. You can track how much energy the system is generating and how full the battery is. The app can even estimate the amount of kWh being saved and translate this into Rands, using local tariffs. It is downloadable on IOS and Android.

Designed for your home

Unlike most conventional inverters, the Icon Home Energy Hub is designed to look good in any room in the home. Wiring and cables are concealed within the enclosures as far as possible so as not to detract from the home’s appearance.

Pricing and system components

The system has been designed to be modular, so homeowners can start by just investing in one component – like the heat pump and tank, and then build up to a full system. The heat pump/ tank combination starts from R33k, while full systems start from R155k*

*excluding VAT and installation

Icon Home Energy Hub

  • 3 kW hybrid inverter
  • 3.6kWh or 6 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery

PV panels

  • Capture the sun’s energy and produce electricity

Heat Pump and Hot Water tank

  • Save 70% of water heating cost
  • Store extra solar energy as hot water

To find out more about the ICON and receive a proposal for your home, please give us your details and an advisor will contact you.