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Solar and Smart Energy
for your Business

With a state-of-the-art, efficient system from Energy Partners, SMEs can significantly cut their monthly electricity bills.

This is how we can help you

1. Energy Efficiency

Replace your old geyser and lights with the latest, efficient technology.

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2. Solar PV

Install solar PV panels on your roof to generate your own electricity, at lower cost than you buy from Eskom. SME’s are allowed to deduct 100% of the cost of a solar PV installation from your company’s income tax under section12B.

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3. Battery Storage

Add batteries to your system to store extra energy for later use.

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Tax benefits

Firstly VAT portion can be deducted by VAT registered SMEs. Also – according to section 12B (hyperlink) of the Income Tax Act – SMEs can write off the full cost of the solar energy solution from their business income tax in the first year.

Cost of system: R500,000 (incl VAT)

VAT deduction: R70,000

12B depreciation provision: R120,400 decrease in payable tax based on the EX VAT amount that can be written off. Effective cost: R309,600


Figure 3: Cumulative Savings for a typical SME, Years Payback, R.OI & Carbon Emissions


When I was approached by Energy Partners to install a Solar system at Auslese I gave my previous idea a fresh look and some thought. Together with the team we created a viable solution for the future based on the energy needs we have at the premises and to link up with the City. In all instances it has been a very good experience to install the system with Energy Partners using Solarworld and SMA Equipment as my primary choice.

Auslese Restaurant

I am very impressed with EP Home Solutions’ approach and my dealings with the staff has been pleasant and professional.  Your knowledge and understanding of the systems and our needs has been spot on.


Throughout the project, the service from the entire Energy Partners team made it easy for us to manage the rest of the many facets of building a new house. The products they designed and installed are functioning excellently and the savings are there for all to see. ... I will gladly refer Energy Partners to any business or home, big or small. Right from the start, Energy Partners provided us with excellent service. They have very well trained staff that is extremely professional.

Natalie Scheepers, Owner Baruch Guest House

An Energy Partners SME solar solution can pay for itself with what the business saves on electricity. We also offer various financing options for SMEs that don’t have the capital available to purchase the system outright. Click here for more information of financing options.