Memeburn – SA energy solution taking on Tesla Powerwall

We spoke to Memeburn’s Graham van der Merwe in April 2016 about how the Icon Home Energy Hub works. We also discussed how you can save with different components of the system, and our motivation for engineering this specific solution for South Africans. Read a few article excerpts below:

Move over Tesla and Powerwall, because you’ve got competition in SA. Announced yesterday, Energy Partners unveiled their Icon Home Energy Hub, an all-in-one solution for storing and using solar energy in the home.

The inverter draws power through the solar panels and manages the loads when it needed, while charging the battery for night-time or blackout usage. Due to the way the devices are designed, the inverter can make sure 100% of any solar energy stored is used in order to reduce wastage. Depending on the settings, or how low on power the battery is, the inverter will also draw from the electrical grid, as well as use it to charge loads.

Icon Home Energy Hub Inverter & Battery

Along with its internal design, the aesthetics of the devices have been designed with homeowners in mind as the battery and inverter are the only visible components. Each of these is housed in a white and black casing, which is reminiscent of Apple products. They feature a single LED colour strip, which is the only interface between the user and the power readings. The inverter can display red, blue, and green for different messages, while the battery shows how full it is.

According to the company, which is backed by PSG Group, this is the first inverter designed for the South African market. Even though it’s developed in SA, it’s not all manufactured here. The company is hoping to manufacture the next version’s inverters in SA.

To read the full Memeburn article by Graham van der Merwe, click here.


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