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Pioneering EPHS work published in Simply Green

Simply Green digimag recently published an article in their digital magazine about Energy Partners Home Solutions. The article provides a comprehensive and fully transparent overview of EPHS’s purpose and benefits – especially with the eye on long-term effectiveness and sustainability.

One of the fundamental benefits central to EPHS’s value offering is the level of scalability and customisation that is available to customers. This point is conveyed in the article, particularised by supporting detail to elucidate its relevance:

“Their systems are fully modular so you can start small and build up to complete independence over time.”

Our thinking, values and philosophy is pushing EPHS to fast becoming one of the leading residential and small commercial energy solutions companies in the greater Western Cape, with recent installations now stretching all the way to Gauteng. And as far as we’re concerned, this is just the start. While we’re working to make the future part of today every day, we continue to remain excited about what the future will bring for South Africa – and beyond.

In the United States, renewable energy is swiftly embracing the smart grid. Smart energy delivers approximately 55% of all new capacity added worldwide, the most ever, and total investment was nearly twice the amount for generators powered by fossil fuels. Things are changing. It’s a simple matter of time and gravity.

But if it’s an incentive for change we require, here’s an interesting data-fuelled projection. Renewable Energy World stated that, in order to meet the skyrocketing demand for electricity, Africa might have to triple our energy output by 2030. Clean energy conversions on home and business level is therefore not simply a good thing to do. It is the smart thing to do.

“We would all like to use less electricity, be less dependent on the grid and reduce our environmental impact. Energy Partners Home Solutions is helping homeowners and small business owners achieve this by combining energy efficiency and Solar PV to optimise their home energy.”

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