South Africa comes second last on energy transition index

By March 26, 2018Articles

Johannesburg- South Africa ranked 113th out of 114 countries in the Effective Energy Transitions Index 2018, a report by the World Economic Forum which considers the ability of countries to balance energy security and access with environmental sustainability and affordability.

“South Africa faces an uphill challenge in ensuring a secure, sustainable, reliable and affordable energy future for industry and society. The country’s energy challenges are marked by under-capacity, under-investment, and inefficiency,” the WEF’s energy team said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Energy Transitions Index found that South Africa currently meets more than 90% of its electricity demand through coal, which results in high per capita emission levels.

“There is immediate need to further diversify the fuel mix, and to create a positive environment for more investment to meet the energy infrastructure demands”, the WEF advised.

The report comes in the same week that the Department of Energy agreed to suspend the long awaited signing of the renewable energy agreement between Eskom and Independent Power Producers (IPP’s)  and wait instead for an outcome to the court challenge by the National Union of Metalworkers (Numsa) and Transform SA on March 27.

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