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Western Cape Drought: The Silver Lining On Cloudless Skies

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Good news despite level 3b water restrictions!

Solar energy users are benefitting from a hot, dry summer.

On 1 February 2017, residents of the Western Cape must adhere to new level 3b water restrictions. The city’s water restrictions are now even tighter and the scorching weather is burning a hole through residents’ pockets.

Despite the Western Cape feeling the heat of stringent water restrictions and rising water tariffs, there’s one group of residents for whom the hot, dry weather is a reason to smile. Home and business owners who are using solar PV systems have been saving big on electricity! This is thanks to a surge in solar production.

Solar production during December 2016 exceeded expectations by as much as 10% in the Western Cape.

This is due to the fact that there were 29 virtually cloud-free days over much of the city. Energy Partners Home Solutions has over 40 solar home energy systems installed in and around Cape Town, all of which produced between 7% and 11% more energy than what was expected for the month of December. Take into account the fact that a well-designed home solar energy solution can cut a household’s electricity bill by as much as 70% on average. It’s clear that the increase in solar production equated to big savings in home and small businesses.

This means that those who’ve been smart enough to invest in solar enjoyed a few extra rands in their pockets this season and that, at least for some, there’s been a silver lining to the mostly cloudless skies.