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Businesses urged to find alternative energy sources

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On February 2, 2017, ENCA released a video featuring Alan Matthews, Head of Energy Partners Home Solutions. Matthews discusses why business owners will have to find alternative energy sources.

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Our Products Video: Renewable Energy in Your Home

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In September 2016, we released our home energy solutions products video. This video showcases our products and how each unit will fit into your home. It also explains how the full modular system works during different load generation capacities.

If you were interested in a renewable energy solution for your home, fill out this quick form, and a consultant will get in touch. We’ll visit your home, do a full energy analysis and a quote with the best, unique, energy solution for your house. 0 obligations.

Renewable energy solutions designed to reduce your electricity bill whilst saving the Earth. Want to chat to us? We’d love to meet! Click here.

Renewable energy in South Africa

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What are our alternatives to coal and nuclear energy in South Africa?
How viable are the alternatives?
How can renewable energy help alleviate the electric load in your house?

We’ve made an easy explainer video on your renewable energy choices in South Africa. Have a look at what your options are below:

We focus on first REDUCING your electric load with alternatives such as LED downlighters or heat pumps with super insulated hot water tanks. Our other products utilise solar as the main energy source, inverting the current stream and backing up energy to a battery for later use.

To get a free quote on solutions available to your home, fill in this quick form!

The biggest misconception about renewable energy

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We asked our engineers what, in their experience, is consumers’ biggest misconception about renewable energy in the home. Their answer is not at all what you think! Listen to our engineers busting renewable energy myths and shedding light on going off-grid.


Renewable energy does NOT mean being off-grid!

A combination of alternative energy solutions should be utilised when trying to increase return on investment for your home! Speak to the experts about the best, unique solution available to your home – you might get a friendly surprise when you find out how much money you could be saving!

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CNBC Africa Power Lunch

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Allan Matthews, our managing director, spoke to CNBC Africa in April 2016.

Solar PV installations should be fully considered by homeowners, to receive the energy returns expected. Partnering solar panels with inverters to create usable energy, as well as batteries to store excess, is the best solution. They also discuss the possibility of feeding back excess energy into the grid. Energy Partners Home Solutions offer a full home energy analysis, with an holistic approach. Get in touch to discuss alternatives for your home.