Tariff increase highlights homeowners’ need for alternative energy solutions

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The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) today presented its decision regarding Eskom’s proposed 26.9% increase in electricity tariffs for municipalities, announcing that the national utility has the green light to raise prices by 5.2% from 1 July 2018.

Cala van der Westhuizen, Head of Marketing and Sales at Energy Partners Home Solutions, a division of Energy Partners and part of the PSG group of companies, comments that the financial burden on consumers in relation to utility tariffs is becoming unsustainable.

“Nersa received over 23 000 responses regarding Eskom’s application, which shows that consumers are becoming increasingly vocal about the fact that they can no longer afford exponentially increasing energy costs. In light of this it is becoming ever more important for homeowners to consider alternative sources of electricity to power their homes. Unlike coal-fired power, alternative energy solutions have become more affordable and accessible to consumers.”

According to van der Westhuizen, the average home’s electricity spend can be reduced substantially through the use of innovative energy efficiency and alternative energy solutions.

“Homeowners can use their own discretion as to how much they want to save and invest in energy efficiency, but most will find that even small changes could make a noticeable difference. Simple measures like replacing the home’s regular light bulbs with energy efficient LED lighting can already cut the average household’s monthly electricity bill by as much as 30%. More advanced options like replacing the conventional geyser with a heat pump and hot water storage solution can reduce the home’s reliance on the national grid by up to 50%.”

Van der Westhuizen says that a larger installation, which includes a solar photovoltaic system, heat pump, energy storage and energy management system can shrink the home’s total monthly energy costs by up to 80%.

“Even though renewable energy is becoming more affordable and will result in future savings; initial installation cost is still one of the major challenges for most homeowners. A fully integrated solution will cost anything from R80,000. Luckily, there are various types of financing available which make these solutions accessible to consumers while still achieving significant savings each month.”

Van der Westhuizen advises all homeowners to evaluate their home’s energy needs and to find out what renewable energy solutions will work for their home. “An energy solutions service provider can provide an accurate assessment of not only what the home needs, but also which solutions would be the best suited for the home – whether this is a rooftop solar installation, heat pumps or other options.”

Energy Partners Home Solutions offers customised solar solutions, as well as various financing options for consumers. “As a registered financial services provider, many of our clients purchase systems that are financed by us and which they can easily pay off over time,” van der Westhuizen concludes.

For a no-obligation consultation with a highly experienced energy consultant, contact Energy Partners Home Solutions on 0861 000 606. For more information, visit www.poweryourself.co.za.


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Energy Partners, part of the PSG group of companies, has helped some of South Africa’s most well-known businesses save on their energy costs for over seven years. Energy Partners Home Solutions, a division of Energy Partners, brings the same award-winning solutions to the residential and SME markets by combining state of the art energy e­fficiency technology, solar PV systems and expertise with Energy Partners Home Solutions’ own advanced products. By partnering with Energy Partners, clients can reduce their monthly electricity bills by up to 70%. For more information visit http://www.poweryourself.co.za/ or contact 0861 000 606.

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