The 3 ways we optimize energy use for home & business:

  1. Energy efficiency – replacing your old geyser and lights with the latest, most efficient technology
  2. Self generation – installing solar PV panels on your roof to generate your own electricity, at lower cost than you buy it from Eskom
  3. Battery storage – adding batteries to your system

Do I need to do all of this?

The numbers speak for themselves – by combining energy efficiency and solar PV our system will give you much bigger savings, as well as pay for itself in half the time. You can always add components in stages – this is because our system is modular and can always be expanded upon.

It sounds a bit complicated

It really isn’t. We’ve designed our process to make it simple for you. The moment you request a consultation, we’ll appoint one of our home energy advisers to come assess your home. Your consultant will walk you through every step of the process. Find out more about our process here.


The biggest energy user in any home is heating water, which typically accounts for 40-50% of your bill. We, therefore, replace your current geyser with a heat pump – a device that heats water just as effectively, while using only a third of the electricity of a normal geyser. See how it works here.

We will also replace any of your old lights and downlights with highly efficient LED lights. These use about 1/10 of the energy of traditional light fittings and last 10 times longer. Find out more about LEDs here.

Self generation

A solar PV or photovoltaic system consists of 2 main elements – the panels on your roof that generate electricity, as well as an inverter that converts it into power your appliances can use. See more about our solar panels here and inverters here.


The only sure way to avoid load shedding is to add a battery to your system. Batteries also increase your savings (financially and energy-wise) by storing extra energy generated during the day for use at night. Find out about our advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries here.