How much you can save, as well as how much your system would cost, will depend on many factors – like where your home or business is, your roof, the type of appliances you have and your tariff. In most cases, our systems save between 50 and 75% of an electricity bill. These savings mean that the systems can pay themselves off quickly – typically in less than 7 years – saving you hundreds of thousands of rands over their lifespan.

There are also alternative payment solutions available, such as leasing the system from us (meaning you save from day one), or deducting the system from your business’ income tax.

The cost and savings for systems on two typical family homes are shown below. These numbers are only examples. To get more accurate numbers for you home or small business, contact us here for a quote.

Typical large home
Monthly bill – before R2,200
– after R900
System cost R136,000 ex. VAT
With batteries included R184,000 ex. VAT
Return on investment 19%
Total savings – 20 years R920,000
System includes ICON inverter + 3.06 kWp Solar panels
4.7kW heat pump
300l tank
Load management system

Typical medium home
Monthly bill – before R1,500
– after R460
System cost R132,000 ex. VAT
With batteries included R179,000 ex. VAT
Return on investment 16%
Total savings – 20 years R740,000
System includes ICON inverter + 3.06 kWp panels
3.0 kW heat pump
200l tank

* All prices given here include labour, installation and consumables.

If you’re interested in a system, but don’t have the money on hand to afford one, check out our financed offers.

If you already have some components of a system installed and are just looking for a PV system or a heat pump rather than a full solution, please email us.