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Solar and Smart Energy
for your Home

At Energy Partners we’ve been helping some of South Africa’s most well known companies save energy for years.
Now we’re bringing our award winning solar panels, heat pumps and smart energy systems to your home or small business.

This is how we can help you

1. Energy Efficiency

Replace your old geyser and lights with the latest, efficient technology.

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2. Solar PV

Install solar PV panels on your roof to generate your own electricity, at lower cost than you buy from Eskom. SME’s are allowed to deduct 100% of the cost of a solar PV installation from your company’s income tax under section12B.

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3. Battery Storage

Add batteries to your system to store extra energy for later use.

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solar led lighting

Make the switch to energy independence

All of us would like to use less electricity. All of us would like to be less dependent on the grid, and reduce our environmental impact. At Energy Partners Home Solutions we are helping homeowners and small business owners achieve this by combining energy efficiency and Solar PV to optimise their home energy. Our systems are fully modular so you can start small and build up to complete independence over time. Let us help you power yourself.

A no-hassle process to optimise home’s energy

  1. 1Free home assessment
  2. 2Custom proposal
  3. 3Quick implementation

See how much you could save

Our products

Our products are specially designed and selected for South African homes. They can be installed individually, but are also designed to work together to optimise your home’s energy use.

Energy Efficiency

Heat Pump

LED Lights

Solar Panels



Hot Water Storage

Monitoring App

Your Home Energy Advisor
is ready to assist

Our Home Energy Advisors are all salaried employees of Energy Partners – not contractors. They are knowledgeable experts that will help you find the right solution tailored to your home and budget. Your advisor will schedule and oversee the installation of your system – no handovers to independent subcontractors. Typical installations can be completed in 2 days.